Market Review

Is Ukraine the perspective player in the market of outsourcing? 2006-08-08

After the events known as "orange revolution", Ukraine predicts new economic prospects, development on model of new members of EU (Poland, etc.), substantial growth of foreign investments (in 3-4 times in 2005), etc.

Formation Policy of Ukraine Energy Balance 2006-06-23

One of the basic directions of power policy in the state is forming of fuel and energy balance (FEB). Fuel and energy balance of a country is the system of indices, which characterizes existing fuel and energy resources (FER) in a country and their use.

Energy saving market in Ukraine: trends and prospects 2005-08-12

Energy is the basic industry, the foundation of the national economy, the major factor of its development. Today the fate of reforms and the future of Ukraine depends on a steady work and development of the fuel and energy complex.