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March 21 was signed the political part agreement of Ukraine an association with the EU

March 2, 2014 after a change of government, the new government ordered to resume the process of preparing to sign an agreement and on March 21 was signed the political part agreement of Ukraine an association with the EU. Parties signed the parts of the document that relate to political cooperation, security issues and the fight against terrorism. The signing of the political part of the Association Agreement - the first step towards the implementation of Ukraine's strategic target - EU membership. The economic part of the agreement in particular the establishment of a free trade zone with the EU, is in the process of being finalized. As expected, the economic part will come into force after the completion of the electoral process in Ukraine between 2014 and the beginning of summer 2015.


Ukraine: on the Distinguished Road

The political situation in the Ukraine is comes a distinguished road, the democracy will be restored. The Ukraine is goes to the European Union (EU) for the introduction of the best of standards, the business-practices and the social valuables. The Ukrainian Government is declared these intentions, with a view to signing an Association Agreement before the Presidential Elections.


Ukraine climbed by 18 places in the rating of tax systems

Ukraine improved its performance by 18 positions in PricewaterhouseCoopers* rating of tax systems in comparison with the previous year. Various governments continue to reform their tax systems, despite the instability of the global economy, states the official report of the World Bank, IFC and PwC Paying Taxes 2013. For example, since June last year to May 2012 in 31 countries tax payment procedures for small and medium businesses have been simplified.


Ukraine has maintained its position in the ranking of renewable energy investment attractiveness

According to the ranking of renewable energy investment attractiveness prepared by Ernst & Young Ukraine is ranked 29th. Ukraine is the only representative of the CIS countries, included in the rating.


Ukraine climbed 15 points in the ranking «Doing Business – 2013»

The World Bank and International Finance Corporation have improved Ukraine's position in the rating «Doing Business – 2013». This year, Ukraine has risen by 15 points and won 137 seats. Ukraine is among the "Top 3" countries that have demonstrated a significant improvement in facilitation of doing business over the last year, taking the first place in the Eastern Europe and Central Asia.


Foreign companies are allowed to buy Ukrainian land

October 2, 2012 Parliament of Ukraine ( ) adopted the Law of Ukraine "On Amendments to the Land Code of Ukraine concerning the acquisition of land ownership which provides the right of foreign law firms, companies with foreign investments to acquire ownership on agricultural land within and outside settlements.


Investors were exempted from tax in Ukraine!

Parliament of Ukraine ( adopted law on exemption from profit tax of investors who organize business in Ukraine, implement investment projects, create joint ventures or buy operating business for further development in priority sectors of the Ukrainian economy, such as: agriculture (growing crops, organization of farms, purchase of agricultural machinery, construction of storage facilities and grain line elevators, grain terminals, etc.); Metallurgy (investments in metallurgical enterprises, modernization of enterprises and improvement of working conditions), Mining (iron ore deposits development and construction of concentrating factories), Transport & Infrastructure (construction of airports, ports and terminals, railway stations, international autobahns for turnover increase), Machine industry (organization of automobile assembly plants, JV \ partnership), Aircraft industry, IT technologies, energy-saving technologies (construction of biofuels, pellets etc, production plants, solar farms \ modules, wind farms), Pharmacy services (organization of medicines and medical equipment production), Food industry (construction of plants, factories, development of existing food production)


Preferential tax treatment of IT-companies in Ukraine

Despite the skepticism and experience of the biggest IT-industry players, July 5, 2012 the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine taking into account the proposals of the President adopted the Law on the basis of the draft law number 9744 on Amendments to the Tax Code of Ukraine Concerning the Special Regime of Taxation of the Software Industry Products.


Free trade agreement between Ukraine and the EU was initialed

On July 19, 2012 in Brussels the text of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU regarding the establishment of a deep and comprehensive free trade area was initialed. The English version of the text of the agreement was initialed at about 19.00 on Kiev time.


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