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Market Review


Franchising Opportunities in Ukraine

There are only one active Ukrainian Hotel Management Company and several Interna-tional ones in the Ukrainian hotel sphere. The current situation clearly shows that usage of fran-chising opportunities in the development of hotel business in Ukraine means entering market with low number of competitors and is highly attractive.


Strategy for Hotel Investment in Ukraine

There are no doubts that hotel sphere of Ukraine is highly attractive. But only the investment based on reliable state of the market information, reliable market forecast, well thought-out plan and correctly chosen strategy for investment will have the highest efficiency.


Is Ukraine the perspective player in the market of outsourcing?

After the events known as "orange revolution", Ukraine predicts new economic prospects, development on model of new members of EU (Poland, etc.), substantial growth of foreign investments (in 3-4 times in 2005), etc.


Shipbuilding in Ukraine: Investments and Government Support

Geographical position of Ukraine is very advantageous. The main advantages of Ukraine are the outlets to the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov. So it is doubtless that in such country shipbuilding has to prosper.


Ukrainian Shipbuilding is waiting for Foreign Investors

In 2003 and 2004 the tendency of production level growth, increase of export potential and direct investment flow in the Ukrainian shipbuilding industry began to be precisely observed.


Mini-hotels: the sector development prospects in Ukraine (published by National Hotel Executive)

The mini-hotel category includes all kinds of hotels with up to 30 rooms. However there is no clear-cut difference between the concepts of a mini-hotel and a hotel.


Formation Policy of Ukraine Energy Balance

One of the basic directions of power policy in the state is forming of fuel and energy balance (FEB). Fuel and energy balance of a country is the system of indices, which characterizes existing fuel and energy resources (FER) in a country and their use.


Hotel business in Ukraine: trends and prospects (published by National Hotel Executive)

Hotel business is one of the most promising and successful business areas in Ukraine. Orientation toward European service standards and vigorous transition to such standards make up the distinctive feature of this sector.


Pros and cons of the residential real estate in Ukraine

The question we have to face here is how attractive the residential real estate market of Ukraine can be for investing.


Commercial real estate: problems and development prospects

Currently the Ukrainian market of the commercial real estate is considered to be one of the most attractive investment spheres.