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Market Review


Review of the market of M & A

M & A practice has developed for a long time - the company at all times merged with each other or to absorb other smaller competitors. Its highest point flourishing M & A market has reached 80 years of the 20th century in the United States due to the wide spread of bonds with low credit ratings and higher interest income.


State and business: mutual responsibility.

Currently, due to certain global geopolitical processes, the optimum moment has come for Ukraine's transition to a new stage of economic development as a state, because civil society has repeatedly demonstrated commitment to this transition. Based on the above, the logical behavior of the state is an open demonstration of the development and business growth.


Overview sector of the chemical industry of Ukraine

Chemical industry of Ukraine includes mining and chemical industry, industry of basic chemistry and organic synthesis, is a complex structure, and refers to the industry that provide scientific and technical progress of the country, its development received considerable attention. The widespread use of chemical technologies in all sectors of the economy determines the key role of the industrial sector of Ukraine. Availability of raw materials (minerals, industrial waste, agricultural products sector, wood, etc.) is the basis for the active development of the chemical industry in Ukraine. This industry includes industries to manufacture products that use a chemical method of processing materials.


Overview sector of the alternative energy sources in Ukraine

Alternative Energy - a set of advanced production methods of energy transfer and utilization, which are common, are not as widespread as traditional, but provide interest because of the profitability of their use at low risk of causing harm to the environment. (By definitionАльтернативная energy). The most popular types of alternative energy sources in the world are: - Wind power (popular among Western European countries, the USA, India, China, which receive up to 25% of electricity from this source);


Overview sector of the meat industry of Ukraine

Meat and products made from it - the basic products of animal origin in the human diet containing essential sources of complete protein, fat, vitamins, minerals. The meat sector is one of the strategically important sectors of the food industry and has played a leading role in meeting people's needs in food. Dynamic changes in the economic situation in Ukraine require a sound policy of innovative development of the food industry, in particular the beef sector.


Overview of the beekeeping sector of Ukraine

Ukraine is a leading country in the world in the field of beekeeping, which provide pollination entomophilous crops, production of honey, wax, pollen, propolis, royal jelly, bee venom. Bee Branch meets the needs of the population, food, medical, perfumery and cosmetics, etc. industries, and actively exported. According to the General Department of Statistics of Ukraine, in all categories of farms, there are up to 3 million bee colonies. Annually apiaries produced 40 to 75 thousand tons of honey (honey volume of exports - about 3-5 thousand tons).


Overview of the furniture industry sector of Ukraine

Over the last few years the sector of the furniture industry in Ukraine demonstrates an active and steady growth. The dynamic development is observed not only in the production of furniture Ukrainian enterprises, but also in the marketing, import and export of manufactured furniture. Experts predict that the momentum of production and growth in the coming years. Volume growth for the following sectors: home furniture, office furniture, furniture for special purposes, is estimated at 10-15% per year.


Review of the investment potential of Lviv region

Lviv region - one of the three areas of historical and cultural region of Galicia, an active participant of the Interregional Association "Carpathian Euroregion". This region is one of the most economically developed, cultural, scientific and tourist destinations.


Review of the investment potential of the Kirovohrad region

Kirovograd region is situated in the center of Ukraine and is located at the intersection of major transport links. The competitive advantages of the region are: - The availability of fertile black soil allows this area to enter the top - 4 for the degree of natural fertility of soils;


Review of venture investment market of Ukraine

The venture capital investment funds confirms the growth of the market of venture investments in Ukraine from zero to tens of millions of dollars for the period 2009-2015. Every year in IT-projects, web projects and e-commerce projects, investors are investing about $ 50 million and this is only the beginning.