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Market Review


Review of the investment potential of Zhytomyr region

Zhytomyr region - developed agro-industrial regions of Ukraine. The competitive advantages of the region are: - An investment partnership with 98 countries in the world; - 430 existing enterprises with foreign capital; - The unique natural resources: fertile black soil, 80% of national reserves of titanium ore and quartzite; - 4th place in Ukraine on the number of forest resources, place 1 in the number of common stocks of wood;


Review of the investment potential of the Nikolaev region

Nikolaev region has an advantageous economic and geographical position, through the territory of the region are three international transport corridors: the Euro-Aziysky, Baltic Sea - Black Sea, Black Sea countries.


Review of the investment potential of Odessa region

Odessa region is one of the most attractive regions for investment in Ukraine. The main competitive advantage of this area are: - Advantageous geographical location (seaside and cross-border), which is particularly important for active cooperation with the countries of Europe, Asia, Africa; - Developed transport infrastructure, which includes a large commercial sea ports, shipping companies and shipyards, the development of rail and road sector; - The high potential of the industrial sector, which is represented by the following areas: the production of refined petroleum products, machinery, chemical and petrochemical industry, light industry, etc .;


Review of the investment potential of the Poltava region

Poltava region has an advantageous economic and geographical position in the center of Ukraine and is located at the intersection of major international transport routes.


Review of the investment potential of the Kherson region

Competitive advantages of the Kherson region are: - Ecologically clean area; - A unique therapeutic climate resort and recreational resources; - Favorable natural and climatic conditions for the development of agriculture and alternative energy; - Favorable geographical position; - A large amount of water (the river Dnepr, Black and Azov Seas).


Review of the investment potential of the Cherkasy region

Cherkasy region - one of the youngest regions in Ukraine, but the economic indicators in the region is among the leaders among the regions of our country. The presence of fertile black soil causes a high level of development of the agricultural sector. The area over the last few years, is a leader in grain crop yields, livestock productivity, processing of agricultural products. The competitive advantages of the region are:


Review of the investment potential of Chernihiv region

The competitive advantages of the region are: - Favorable geographical position: the region of Ukraine is bordered on the north by Belarus and the Russian Federation; - Developed transport infrastructure, the presence of international railways and roads; - Mineral deposits (oil, gas, peat, chalk, phosphate rock, sand, bischofite); - Powerful fuel and energy complex, machine-building, food and light industries, which are capable of producing competitive products; - Significant natural, historical, cultural, and recreational resources; - Favorable climatic conditions for the cultivation of crops and livestock development; - High scientific potential and highly qualified human resources.


Review of the investment potential of the Chernivtsi region

The competitive advantages of this area are: - Economy of the region aimed at innovative - investment model of development, cross-border cooperation and the development of transit systems; - Favorable economic - geographical position at the crossroads of Central, Eastern and Southern Europe, it borders with the European Union; - A powerful scientific and educational center: 32 University, which operates 214 doctors of sciences and 1213 candidates of sciences, 181 professors, 825 associate professors;


Review of investment potential Transcarpathian region

Competitive advantages of the Transcarpathian region are: - Favorable geographical position - the region borders with four EU countries (in the south of Romania, in the south-west of Hungary, in the west of Slovenia, in the northwest of Poland); - Ramified transport system and cross-border infrastructure; - Highly skilled human resources; - The availability of the natural resource base; - Development of the tourism and recreational industry; - Ecologically clean area.


The energy sector and mining industry of Ukraine

The following cross-industry complexes are formed in the structure of the industry: Energy - (electricity and fuel industry: coal, oil and natural gas and oil, etc.); Iron (ferrous and non-ferrous metals), which together with the machine-building, traditionally united in metallurgical - machine-building complex; chemical and forest. Most industries are included in the heavy industry, ie they dominated the production of capital goods - machinery, equipment, fuel, raw materials, etc. Note the fact that the fuel and energy sector owns more than a quarter of the fixed assets of Ukrainian industry. Mining is fully a part of the heavy industry. It produces raw materials and fuel, performs their primary processing, preparation for further processing, the production of electricity at hydroelectric power plants, etc. There are the mining industry, which is concerned only with obtaining raw materials and fuels from the earth. Of all the branches of industrial production the mining industry is the most asset-intensive and time-consuming.