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Market Review


The Investment climate in Ukraine for 2013

Direct foreign investment play an important role in the development of the economy of Ukraine. Foreign investments attraction encourages activation of investment process, introduction of new technologies, using of front-rank and foreign experience, development of small and midsize businesses, growth of the investment potential of territories. The international fund of Blazer forecasts, that in 2013 foreign investors will inlay more than $4 milliard of direct investment to Ukraine. For the estimation of investment attractiveness of industry the system is used from three groups of indexes, reflecting the level of profit industry’s activity, perspectives of development and investment risk.


Customs dues for importing equipment to the customs territory of Ukraine

With each year Ukraine becomes more attractive for the foreign investors, so settlement of privileges that they get on the legislative level is a very important stage for the state’s economy progress. According to information of the Statistics Committee of UNCTAD, Ukraine takes 3 place among countries with transitional economies (only Russian Federation and Kazakhstan are above the Ukraine) by the amount of accumulated investments;


Tendencies of the investment climate in Ukraine

Ensuring of favourable investment climate in Ukraine remains to be a task of strategic importance, implementation of which can have an impact on social and economic dynamics, effectiveness of involvement into international division of labour and possibility of modernization of national economics on this basis.


Prospects of development of the banking system in Ukraine

The banking sector of Ukraine shows a lot of positive tendencies. As the National Bank of Ukraine notes, growth rates of the key indicators of Ukrainian banks development are comparable and even a little bit exceed the performance achieved by banks of EU countries.


Development of logistic real estate market in Ukraine

There were no significant changes on the Ukrainian warehouse market in 2011. Trends laid in 2009-2011, in general, will remain and will be observed by the end of 2012.


Prospects for Ukrainian agribusiness

Agribusiness is one of the most promising businesses in Ukraine. By the beginning of 2012 in the world there have been left only 9% of the land that may be used for agriculture. According to the forecast of the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development, prices for food will increase by 20-50% over the next ten years. As land is a limited resource, agriculture sector represents a huge potential for Ukraine. What awaits Ukrainian agribusiness?


Prospects for the Ukrainian market of organic products

Organic market is developing at a confident pace in Ukraine as well as all around the world. The fashion for organic food has come to Ukraine from Europe, where this sector has been developing for about 30 years. If in 2008 the Ukrainian market of organic products amounted to 0.65 million dollars, in 2011 the market grew to 4.5-5.5 million.


Active development of solar energy in Ukraine

At the moment, alternative energy is a rapidly expanding industry worldwide. According to the research firm Ethical Markets Media’s estimates, the total amount of private investments, directed to "green" economy at the beginning of May 2012 composed $ 3.3 trillion and $ 0.9 trillion of them were invested in 2011.


Tendencies of the office real estate development in Ukraine

About 15 projects with a total area of 225,000 square meters were put into operation over the past 2 years in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, i.e. the offer increased by almost 20%. And in 2012-2014 in Kiev more than 20 business centers of Class A and B can be completed with a total area of over 500,000 square meters. As a result, the proposal will increase by almost 40%. The structure of the proposal for the classes is the following: Class A - 17%, Class V + - 29% and B - 54%.


Potential of Ukraine Hospitality Market

Dynamically changing situation complicates the forecasting of results. Definitely, the recession influenced badly the world economy. Moreover, recession showed promising trends of economy development. During last 2 years many reforms were carried out in different sectors of economy including hotel business.