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Market Review


How to create a Hotel Chain in Ukraine

Present article includes analytical and practical product of building a Greenfield hotel chain including procedure description of organization and realization of hotel investment project.


Exemption of Ukrainian Hotels from Income Tax

Verhovna Rada of Ukraine registered a draft law № 6309 “About amendments made to some laws of Ukraine for the purpose of development and preparation of hotels for the Final Part of the European Football Championship 2012 in Ukraine”.


Investing in Ukraine under Crisis Conditions

The decline of economy which was accompanied by a sharp production and investment recession affected most of the world. According to the UNCTAD’s report the global volume of foreign investment in 2009 reduced for 39% or up to 1 trillion USD. For comparison, this indicator in 2008 made up 1.7 trillion USD.


Hotel Real Estate of Ukraine under Recession Conditions (published by

Financial recession affected all the spheres of Ukrainian economy. Real estate market suffered as well. If the profit of construction business was equal to 250-300% during 2005-2008 those figures seem utopian nowadays.


Roadside Hotels of Ukraine - Reality

Currently it’s hard to call the number of roadside hotels. Mostly they are not licenced and officially registered. At the moment the market is halflegal and absolutely chaotic


Office Real Estate of Ukraine: Change of Trends and Prospects

The beginning of 2008 foreboded no troubles for the most of office property developers and owners.


Investment Opportunities in Agricultural Sector of Ukraine

Does it really make any sense to invest into the agricultural sector of Ukraine? Sounds the same as to ask if it makes any sense to invest into computer technologies in Japan, car building industry in the USA, oil production in UAE, winter tourism in Austria and Switzerland or summer resorts on the Adriatic coast


Strategy of Investing into Hotel Business in Ukrainian Environment

Hotel business is one of the main components of Ukrainian economy. Effective functioning of hospitality sector is an indicator of positive changes in national economy, important precondition of country’s international relationship intensification and integration into the world community


Retail Property Market of Ukraine: Crisis Tendencies

The year of 2008 appeared to be critical for the retail property market as well as for other real estate market segments in terms of changing development tendencies.


The Forecast of Residential Housing Market Development

What are the prospects of further development in the residential housing industry?